We have for sale or install, 980 square feet of 1929 Canadian Maple reclaimed hardwood.

This wood was rescued from a 1500 square foot (on two stories) Eaton home in western Saskatchewan.
The house will be burned down, and I could not see this wood go with it.

It has not been cleaned or refinished in any way, so the options are wide … it can be:

• sold as is in a bundle
• cleaned, and sold in a bundle
• cleaned, planed, and sold in a bundle
• cleaned and installed as “rustic” just the way it is
• cleaned, planed and installed
• cleaned, installed and sanded
• cleaned, installed, sanded and finished

This wood was painstakingly removed by hand and is stored in cold storage in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Prices are negotiable depending on how you want the wood, and where you need it delivered / installed.
Please contact me for prices.

See photos on this
Flickr page.

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980 sq ft Canadian Maple Hardwood for sale or install
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