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Luther Schweitz

Luther was born in Red Deer, AB and graduated from Lacombe Composite High School in 2005. He quickly tired of stocking shelves and produce for local grocery stores and apprenticed under his brother, Orlando Barker, now owner of Barker Construction, and stuck with him for five years, carrying the flooring business to Regina, SK. Orlando moved back to Red Deer after a year and Luther decided to stick with what he knew best - flooring. He continued flooring for United Carpet for another year, working under five different installers and rolling several great flooring techniques into his already solid knowledge.
He moved back to Red Deer and after a short return partnered with Orlando, decided to try something else, so joined a local prefabricated concrete panel shop (Eagle Builders). After a year gaining experience in the concrete trade he rejoined Orlando, this time learning several other trades from drywalling to framing to siding, decking and roofing. He was able to apply all he's learned into his floor-laying career, which he is now serving to Calgary and surroundings!

Luther is a bright, ambitious problem solver with a quick and steady hand. From the time he was a toddler, he was extremely artistic, creating the most detailed and lifelike creations out of plasticine, and drawing doodles on his school work, which is teachers always enjoyed. This has given him the attention to detail quality that is so critical to flooring installs. Luther does not cut corners, he cuts
around corners.

He balances timeframe and quality perfectly, ensuring a timely job completion along with a one year installer warranty, meaning that if something "pops up" that may be the fault of the installer, he'll come assess the issue and fix it for free, given that the issue was an installer error. He is professional, courteous, and from what he hears, much more punctual than other tradesmen. Not to mention very affordable.

Our mission is to provide you with impressive service, outstanding communication, and a beautiful floor that will always give you a warm welcome home.

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Dale Jefferson

Dale Jefferson is the only son in a family of five. He was born in Edmonton, moved to Malaysia until he was four, and was raised on an acreage in Airdrie, AB. He spent most of his time outdoors, learning trade skills from his Dad and running with the dogs, and in 2004 he moved with his parents to Holland.
After a year of attending the British School in the Netherlands, him and his family moved again to Saudi Arabia, where his Dad had been working for the last two years. He finished high school at home, and spent the remainder of his time making lasting friendships and gaining unique experiences in the Middle East, and countries all around the world.

Moving home to Airdrie, after being away for five years, he found a job in the Walmart warehouse, before travelling to South Africa to visit friends.

Post-journey, he moved back to Airdrie to find a job installing glass in all manner of automobiles and farm equipment, worked as an irrigation installer, and finally moved back to Innisfail to house-sit for his parents. He found a job in Blackfalds, at a pre-fabrication concrete facility, where he met Luther Schweitz, his current business partner.

From there, he worked again in irrigation and landscaping, expanding his skills to supervising and training new employees, until he started working at Tryton Tools Inc, learning many new skills in heavy duty mechanics, before turning to provincial-wide trucking.

Finally, his adventures led him to become an apprentice plumber in Calgary, and his vision turned towards kick-starting and growing a business with his trusted friend, Luther.

Dale is an intellectual, innovative coordinator, who is quick to learn and eager to please. He's always looking for new ways to grow, personally and in business, and will not settle for anything less than perfection. He makes a personal effort to ensure that the customer will get more than their moneys worth, and will always try to connect with you on a personal level.